How To Build a Time Machine

time machine liThere you are.  Hunched over a computer in a dimly lit cubicle.  There is an empty Coke can next to a partially eaten sandwich on your left, and a stack of paperwork on your right.  You are dead.  You’re alive, but…dead.  Your life quotes are from a Garfield or Dilbert cartoon.  “I HATE Mondays,” and “TGIF!”  You numb your pain with the distraction of television, or a Netflix binge, and the mundane is given two days of reprieve each week, but is that enough?

It’s not.

Come with me if you want to live-I mean REALLY live!  You have to get into the time machine!  First stop: your eight year old self.  When we get there, he will ask you what you get to do as a grown up.  Will he say “RAD!”?  Ask him what he thinks would be “rad” when he is grown up.  Take notes.  If he asks about the future, just mumble something about not tearing a hole in the space time continuum or something and jump back in.  Next stop, the future.

Not the future that you are plodding towards right now, but the one you were meant to live.  The one that makes your current self say, “Rad!” Take a look.  Listen.  What kind of person are you?  What do you get to do?  What do you get to have?  What does it feel like?  What does it look like and smell like?  Take notes and remember the images you see.  Our field trip is almost over.  We are going back home, to the present.

If you understand your why-you can endure any what.  -Viktor Fankl

At first, you are sad, but after some time, you become inspired by your trek.  The future-is that really possible?  Yes, it is.  How? How? you begin to ask yourself.  Then a plan begins to form.  Your cubicle just became a little brighter.

Want to be more and do more?  It doesn’t happen by accident.  You need a plan. Your plan is the “how”.  It is born from your “why”.  Viktor Frankl said “If you understand your why-you can endure any what.”  Viktor Fankl survived 3 Nazi concentration camps.

Let your vision burn bright.  Feed it.  Grow it.  One thing that I like to have my coaching clients do is a Vision Board.  Here they put images on a corkboard or posterboard that express their why.  To get to their “why”, I have them visually answer three questions: 1)Who do you want to be?  2)What do you want to do? 3)What do you want to have?

Once you have this, your time machine is built.  You can go into the future anytime you want.  It will give you the strength to push through some tough stuff.  It will give you the power to overcome.  It will be a roadmap, and if you follow it, you will reach your destination.  Time machines are pretty rad, huh?

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Donnie Tuttle is a speaker, sales coach, and trainer. He was not born a sales person, but was transformed into one when he was bitten by a radioactive spider.


6 Bullet Proof Principles of Social Selling



Jack shuts the door on the debate about social media with an authoritative slam.  There is no ONE way, no magic bean-never has been.  But there is a “Jack” who has found the golden goose, and slain the giants by chopping their beanstalk.

If you are in to personal growth and sales, then you have inevitably stumbled upon the battle raging by the “thought leaders” in our industry.  In one corner, we have cold-calling enthusiasts; in the other, those who yell that cold-calling is dead.  Knock on doors and pound the phones vs. Social media, drip marketing, and “the customer is already 90% through the sales process before you even talk to them.”  Those on both sides are so passionate that they polarize the situation and make it seem as though these techniques cannot coexist.  Since when did sales become a two party system?

In a conversation with Jack Kosakowski, Jack reveals that the answer to this multiple choice question is D-all of the above.  (you can hear the the whole conversation on the Sales Heroes Podcast linked below.)

1) Lead with value.  Give to the buyer way before you ask anything of them.

2) Get visible.  Get Valuable.  Get Connected.   If you have to share your story (and you DO have to share your story).  Social media is the best way for people to see how you interact with them.  Your company is not going to do a whole lot to get your name out there, and social is a great way for you to do it.

3) The value of you is way more important than the value of your product.  When they get you, they get a new team member.  Be diligent to understand their needs BEFORE you call, and be more diligent to understand their needs DURING the call.  When you do, you become an army of one-solving problems, not pushing products.  People buy YOU, as Jeb Blount would say.

4) It’s about process.  Don’t just sit there tapping your keyboard.  Cyber-stalking is not sales.  In volleyball, there are four ways to hit the ball:  1)serve 2)bump 3)set 4)spike .  Here is how it goes: find your best prospects through LinkedIn Sales Navigator (serve).  Start paying attention to their posts and interacting with them on Twitter and LinkedIn(bump).  Connect with them- you pick up the phone or go meet them in person(set).  Then you present and close the deal (spike!).

5) Learn about your client. Your client is a person.  A real person, with real beliefs, dreams, likes, and problems.  As a person, you may share some things in common with them.  Those are good areas to identify and can be tinder for a relationship.  Social media provides us with a more meaningful, modern day version of the fish on the wall, or the family picture to talk about.

6) It’s all about the relationship!  You can start it online, but eventually, it has to move offline.  I’ve never done any internet dating, but I can guarantee that it would not be fulfilling if everything stayed online.  Eventually, you’ve got to meet and see if your destinies intersect.  There are so many love and dating parallels, but I digress.

I have worked with more sales professionals than I can count.  The best reps don’t just follow a cookie cutter method to success.  The best reps take an open assessment of ALL of the assets and tools available and decide to use the best tools for the job.  Do what works.  Period.  Cold-calling, social-media, and everything else are tools in the toolbox.  A master craftsman uses them all, and knows how to use the right tool for the right job.  Just like Jack used the axe to destroy the giant’s vine.

No more arguing about social selling vs. older forms of sales activity.

Make sales, not war.





Stop Hiding Behind Social Media

social media hide

Social media is great, but let’s be honest-it can also be that warm, safe hideout that we use to avoid what we should be doing.  We all have pain avoidance diversions that we turn to; things to muse upon while avoiding the difficult.  Left unchecked, these distractions can eat craters out of our productivity.  The worst part of it is, that when the gift of social media has become a curse because of misuse, the addict rarely notices.  The virtual world tells us “it’s okay” by somehow depositing false feelings of accomplishing true work.

Whatever stops sales activity is the enemy.   Continue reading “Stop Hiding Behind Social Media”

Servant Sales:You’re the Butler, They’re the Hero.


Contrary to popular opinion, sales is about helping others, not ones self.  There are a growing number of professionals looking to prove this.   In a world where information is at the fingertips of every consumer, sales professionals must seek to become experts in their fields, and servants of people who need them.  Please note that I did not say one must become subservient, or lesser than, their potential clients.  As a matter of fact, I believe that serving comes from a place of superiority.  “Why are we made strong?”I ask my protegé.  “To help others,” they answer.

Continue reading “Servant Sales:You’re the Butler, They’re the Hero.”

Naked Salespeople Wanted

naked sales

“Facts are facts.  Don’t dress them up.  They will speak for themselves.”

Why do we forget a basic tenant of being a good human when we enter a new sales role?  Why try to hide what is true?  Isn’t it good enough?  Are we embarrassed, or afraid that we won’t be accepted?  In a recent discussion with Elise Bouchner of Excelerant, I was able to get some insight. Continue reading “Naked Salespeople Wanted”

How to Sell Like a Virus

It is one thing to be a one-man selling machine, but what if there is a more efficient way?  I have recently embarked on a mission to uncover the top sales moves from the top sales people.  It’s a podcast called Sales Heroes. (You can find it on iTunes or Stitcher Radio.)

Recently, I interviewed the VP of commercial lending for local bank, and I really liked his take on cloning your efforts.  Larry Finkel  shows that you can grow exponentially by focusing on COI’s (Centers of Influence) while not ignoring the 1-up opportunities.  Is it possible to highjack (and I mean this term in the nicest way) the systems already put in place, and cause them to function for you?  Listen to how Larry does it and let me know what you think.


You can find this and others on

Becoming a Sales Hero

By accepting your mission, you must promise to use your powers for good.  You were born with innate powers that have yet to be unleashed.  We will help you discover your power and provoke you to use it; to own it and hone it.

To be strong, you must first accept your weakness.  Be humble and receive from your mentors.  Like the rest of us, you have receive wrong programming.  We will help you to undo this, but the steps you must take must be bold.

First, you will need a mentor to help you discover and strengthen your abilities.  That’s where we come in.  We interview the top sales reps across the nation to uncover exactly what they have done to become the superstars they are.  30-40 minutes spent with these legends will definitely strengthen and encourage you, as well as help you draw upon the abilities unique to you. Listen to episode 1 of the Sales Heroes Podcast to see what we are about.  Subscribe, and you will be encouraged by 2 sales heroes per week.   You can find us on iTunes (apple) and Stitcher Radio (droid).

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 3.08.37 PM

I am open feedback and of course appreciate any suggestions for people that would make great interviews.  Thanks for joining the underground movement of sales people who are becoming something more.  You are bold.  You are fearless.  You are powerful.  So wear your underwear on the outside of your pants and become great with us!

Enter the Sales Door

There is a beautiful world awaiting, if you will just enter it.  The world of sales.  It calls to our primal parts of your being.  There was a you that existed before rejection.  Before limitations.  There was a you that was willing to try, and try, and try again until you succeeded.  There was a you that dreamed big, thought big, and failed big-without second guessing yourself.  This is the part of you that sales calls to. Continue reading “Enter the Sales Door”